From the LA Times: Don’t just sit around — it may increase your risk of cancer

From the LA Times, more evidence that staying physically active reduces your risk of cancer.

By Karen Kaplan, Los Angeles Times/For the Booster Shots blog

If you’re sitting down, you might want to stand up after reading this: Nearly 100,000 cases of cancer could be prevented in the U.S. each year if we all spent less time sitting in our cars, at our desks and on our couches.

Even people who exercise daily can increase their risk of cancer by remaining sedentary for extended periods of time, researchers said Thursday at the annual meeting of theAmerican Institute for Cancer Research focused on food, nutrition and physical activity.

Using data from the National Cancer Institute and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics, researchers estimated that up to 49,000 cases of breast cancer and 43,000 cases of colon cancer each year are tied to lack of physical activity.

Read full article here.

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