Zumanna® was created by the Rancatore family, in a zealous collaboration between a Medical Doctor, and an Air Force Pilot. With their passion for empowering Americans to improve their own lives, the Rancatores formed a company called 2RHealth™ dedicated to providing health education, lifestyle programs and nutritious food products.

Dr. Elaine and Lt. Colonel Paul Rancatore wanted to make a difference using their spheres of knowledge. They saw a need to create truly healthful, truly delicious bakery options for busy families, athletes, and travelers. In a volunteer capacity, Dr. Elaine Rancatore designed a transformative High School health education curriculum in which Zumanna’s first recipes were tested and refined. After eight years of ingredient sourcing and recipe adjustment Zumanna® has reached its current, most perfected form.

Dr. Elaine M. Rancatore


Vice-President and Founder, Dr. Elaine Rancatore, is a board certified emergency physician and a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians. Elaine, has been in clinical practice for over 35 years.  Additionally she is a Duke trained Integrative Health Coach practicing at 2R Health Integrative Health Coaching.

Paul V.


President and Co-Founder.  As a former Air Force pilot, and now commercial airline captain and entrepreneur, Paul understands the challenges of staying healthy in the face of endless travel and a demanding schedule. He helped create Zumanna for people like him, who need to stay at peak performance in a grab n go world.