About 2RHealth ®

2R-Health, Inc® was established in 2006, and was created in an effort to address:

  • The need for healthful, nutritious food products in a world where convenience and portability are in demand, and
  • The need for effective educational programs and services in the areas of nutrition, physical activity and wellness.

The company’s mission is to promote healthful nutrition and physical activity, to develop and encourage healthy habits in our nations youth, to collaborate with others in the efforts to stem the epidemic of obesity and chronic diseases.

Their mission also includes the direct involvement and support for cancer research in the areas of prevention and treatment. In particular in the areas of alternative and complimentary medicine and the medicinal uses of food.

For further information or to order 2RHealth® Services please contact Dr. Elaine Rancatore (erancatore@2rhealth.com)

Making healthy choices ouR daily habit ®